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Learn how to create beautiful worksheets, images, and logos for free.


Okay, so when I first started Blogging Freedom about a year or so ago, I had no idea how to create pretty, branded images, worksheets, or courses. Heck, I didn’t even know what a brand was!

I remember reading someone’s blog (I don’t remember who it was but the message was solid) about how your first attempts at creating nice images would be horrible, but not to worry about it because as time goes on, you get a lot better. 

Well, fortunately for me that’s exactly what happened. I mean, I’m not an expert designer, but I can make some cute stuff!

However, one trend that I’ve noticed is that other people’s stuff has gotten even better.

And I know, I know — you’re not supposed to compare yourself to other bloggers but hey I want to be able to keep up too!

I asked a couple of designers how they made their worksheets and ebooks look so darn professional and they told me they use software like Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

Well you kinda have to have actual designer skills to use professional platforms like those so I sought out free tools for amateurs like me that wanted to create attractive designs at an affordable rate (ahem, free).

I learned how to use tools like Canva, PicMonkey, and even Google Docs to create attractive images for free.

Here are three video tutorials that I like that will walk you through how to create amazing worksheets and images with Canva, PicMonkey, and Google Docs.

Canva Tutorial: How To Design Gorgeous Lead Magnets And PDF’s by Kimberly Ann Jimenez  Blog: https://kimberlyannjimenez.com/


PicMonkey – How to Use PicMonkey to create Logos, Edit Images, & Social Media Graphics (Photoshop) by Socially Nina, Blog: http://sociallynina.com/


How to Create Branded Worksheets Using Google Docs by Teachable, Blog: http://blog.teachable.com/ultimate-content-upgrade-lead-magnet-ideas-and-templates (this blog post has 2 more amazing tutorials!)


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